Thursday, May 19, 2005

what kind of quiz-taker are you? 

sorry for the slack replies... better late than never!

J - thanks! lol happy new year to you too!! tho new year a la 2006 is almost closer now! :-S what are you up to anyway?
KK - and same to you bro! long time no see! hope the exams are goin well...
eddie - soz i'm a complete slacker with the updates... i miss you too tho bro! we ARE going to go for that lunch in tst at some point right? (at that restaurant from ur photos?) i hear you're a super hard-working kid now, so you can save up and treat me! ;-)
liz- thanks! sorry i haven't called yet, or replied to your email! terrible i know... but yeah a land line would be better thanks! pretty expensive to call mobiles...
deborah- you're right, i did! thanks! didn't realise you read this, how are you anyway? taking some big exams?
alison - sup girl! thanks, always appreciated! hows canadia?
Xtian - you bet i am! soz haven't friendstered you back yet, ru still thinkin of coming over? when????
jen - that'd be awesome! its terrible, i don't even know if i know where you are now!!!
Flic - hey girl! hows edinburgh? its def somewhere on my list of places to visit! if i do ever come i'll have to look you up for coffee or something!
Ann - lol! thanks! happy easter too! ;-) lets msn convo soon!
Jeff - heya! thanks for the last email, so sorry i'm terrible with replyin, but incase ur reading this, just know i WILL reply soon! sorry!! :-S
Bonnie - Yay! can't wait to have you over here girl! too bad you'll miss anna :( tho i guess you can catch her in hk before you come...
dpma - hey thanks for reading bro :) i read yours too! LOVED the jackson 5 video! you are too cool! :)
grace - wow, DC! whats it like? man i wont be back in hk for a while i think, but going to colorado in july??? tho i do often fly thru dulles!!! if i do this time, wanna hang at the airport???
bagzz- thanks hon! miss you too! come visit me! :D hows work?

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