Wednesday, February 02, 2005


hey guys! sorry for the silence, but seeing as it seems people do actually visit this site, figure at least a brief low down is in order...

finished exams last week, hopefully went ok

started a 4 week trauma attatchment monday, absolutely AMAZING, involved in life or death situations (usually observing and just helping out with little things), with helicopter ambulances, policemen everywhere, stuff from ER basically (except of course this is reality and a central line takes more than 7seconds to put in place! and also we don't have nearly enough door slamming when our patients get wheeled through the halways to A&E or enough shouting... or gun shot wounds...) but also incredibly tired, got home tonight at 8.30pm, last night at 9.30pm after working a 13hour day... not much time to do much else! also am on call 24/7 with my pager always on for the next 4 weeks.

went to york over the weekend, AWESOME to see the crew, lloyd and gabbie, little anya who's not so little anymore and gonna turn into a right heart-breaker i can tell, good to catch up with sharon and brendan and andrew and even andrew's parents! and can i say i am SO good at baking bread now! (or actually, don't think andrew will ever let me try to bake bread again...)

me and my buddy andy (in the beanie and red jacket in the last photo i posted up before this) are the events reps for the med school here (and trying to do stuff for the nurses too just to be nice) so we through a huge superhero party last thursday after we all finished exams, and decided to call it SPANDEX. gr8 success, club manager/dai lo guy asked me after if we could throw a party at his club every month! so put up a few photos of that. others can be found here, please excuse the 'fat bitches' page! (btw myself and housemate susan and another friend who had to leave before we could take pics were charlie's angels, hence the guns, tight tops, hair bands etc.... if you're thinking "katie the angels didn't wear hair bands" then i apologise - none of us had seen the latest film and just kinda improvised, really!)

and last but certainly not least, as many of you have heard i am now an auntie!!! my niece, anna-elyse was born almost 2 weeks ago now, fine and healthy as is the mom and yes incredibly excited to see her this summer! we've already chatted on the phone a couple times, well... more like i talked to her and she sneezed at me - i can tell we're definitely bonding already.

so maybe not so brief a low down after all! and btw, if you're a sneaky one who reads my site but doesn't tag, then say hello and tag me! i wanna know who's out there! and thanks to all those who do, you guys rock my world :)

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