Monday, September 27, 2004

what's up in katie world... 

hey guys, thot i'd upload a few pics from the summer, (i was in colorado with the fam incase you didn't catch that earlier)... the first half is from a trip Toby and I took to Colorado National Monument, abt an hour's drive from the house, and the second is from a trek up a huge mountain also an hour from the house! tobes, johann and i (both Uni friends from manch who were in the states and came by to visit for a while) went on a road trip at the end of the summer to the grand canyon, las vegas etc., hopefully get some pics of that up in the next couple months! hehe was amazing, ask me about it sometime...

got back to england 2 weeks ago, am in the hospital now, not in manchester anymore, abt 45min away by train... am SOOO happy to be here tho, house is gr8, housemates are even better, kids in my year are uber cool, staff and doctors, nurses etc at the hospital are wikid aight! spent friday trailing a consultant around (just me and him!) asking 101 questions all of which (and more!) he was happy to answer. prob scrub up for operating theatre this week... dont worry, only watching (unless of course they ask me to intubate like friends have been asked!), been practising taking blood and inserting cannulas on models and various pieces of fruit, prob do rectal exams and other exciting stuff this week. seriously even tho i'm tired as i type this and maybe therefore dont sound it, i'm so incredibly excited to start the hands-on, RELEVANT aspect of medicine. SO excited :) been out the last 4 nights on the trot for pyjama pub crawls, house parties etc so am recovering tonight but yeah, been having a well cool time here :)

hope you're all well, soz the updates are so spoaradic, i honestly just cant be arsed half the time, tho of course i wanna keep in touch with you all! soz, terrible i know, but at least i'm honest :)

and remember, L is for love...

Sunday, September 26, 2004

me and toby! Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

yes, we did have to set the camera on a rock to take this pic... Posted by Hello

me and tobes again Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

i hope this rock doesn't roll!! (man how funny am i...) Posted by Hello

The Black Canyon (practically in my parent's back yard... almost!) Posted by Hello

we rose when the sun did so we wouldn't get stuck in afternoon thunderstorms on our hike... Posted by Hello

the hills are alive.... Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

i felt like a hobbit in the Shire! Posted by Hello

i love how the rocks were so drastically different from those on the nearby mountains Posted by Hello

(thats me) it was a bit of a climb.... Posted by Hello

how gorgeous is this?! Posted by Hello

da boyz Posted by Hello

at the top of Mt. Sneffles (14,000+ feet) Posted by Hello

The Family! Posted by Hello

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