Wednesday, March 31, 2004

sup everyone! I am off to Ireland tomorrow morning, catching a flight at 7am!!! craaazy!! I'm so excited too. I get back Sunday then fly out Monday to HK, getting in Tuesday morn abt 10. BUT the thing is, i've lost all my phone numbers!! :( so if ur in HK and consider yourself worthy of meeting up with me, can you please email me your number? Or leave a tag if your lazy, but i dont know how safe that is, with people like ephraim prowling around :p (luv ya really!) I dont have a HK mobile phone number yet so you might have a few Katie-free days before i start calling you up and harrassing you to come out and play :D

THANKS!!! see ya soon!! :D


Saturday, March 20, 2004

This is crazy!!! This guy is only 2inches taller than me, but look what he can do!!!

Friday, March 19, 2004

can i just say that i love my basketball buddies??? they're awesome!!! I love randomly standing outside Subway at 2am with a crew of them and then getting in a huddle like we do at games, all hands together in the centre of the circle, before releasing a huge deep bellowing cheer of "MOOSE!!!" (our team mascot) just so randomly on the street!!! and not caring an iota what other people might think of us. i love it!!!! :D :D :D :D I think I might have to start doing that in Hong Kong with you kids when i get back :D OK????

p.s. happy birthday josephine if u read this!!! :D

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

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check this out baybees!!!

Friday, March 05, 2004

oh man i hate updating!!

anyway here we go

i'm coming back to HK this easter!!! yay!!! i'll be back from like april 5/6th till the 21st so it sux that i wont see you guys that are heading out to the Pines that long, but i guess we'll just haveto hang out even more when you get back!! Especially as I dont honestly know when I'll next be back. Def not summer or Christmas, maybe next Easter? Or maybe in 4 years time when I've graduated and done internship stuff?? My holidays get LOADS shorter this coming academic year, and since my fam is in the states now, it makes it less likely that i'll be able to make it back :(

so what have i been up to??

man what have i NOT been up to is the question!!

basketball - after intense games including one in glasgow 2 days ago that we won by ONE point scored with ONE second left in the 4th quarter, we are now in the finals against Sussex, held in newcastle tmr nite along with all these other huge bball finals. our boys have done real good too and so we're all heading over to newcastle for the wkend - the Athletics Union is putting us all up at a hotel sat nite, which they dont have to do at all! how sweet is that! should be the nite of my life!!! :D

exams - found out last wk that i passed them so am VERY excited! esp as was not sure at all if i would pass or fail! so i am a bit relieved but wanna study even harder this semester.

boys - dont ask!! my friend Johann said to me the other day "Katie your life is more complicated than those guys' on Dawsons Creek!" LOL :)

Church - went on an AMAZING wkend away 2 wk's ago in a place called Kidderminster (still have no clue where it is!) with Reach (think 180 in manchester) and if i load a photo with ppl with chocolate on their faces, thats from this wkend :) lol so random!! hehe... was VERY good/refreshing/fun/cold etc. Still going to house grp every thursday nite and supposed to be starting my own with my buddy Al in the next couple wks in addition, but am a bit stretched for time so dont know how its gonna work!!

other stuff - still sick!!! which sux!!! i've been ill off and on pretty much since this summer! and am too busy to slow down and rest... kinda ironic how i'm fine till i come to study how to be a doctor and heal ppl and then get ill myself... gonna get some blood tests done soon... i bet the DR will just say "chill, dont stress, sleep more" or something!

got my medics ball a wk saturday and am so excited!!! :D :D :D oh get this - its being held at Old Trafford!!!!!! which is where Man UTD play their home games, for the uneducated... how good is that! i think it'll have to be at some function room upstairs cos i cant imagine us dancing on the actual pitch! lol

i'll leave you with a couple jokes i made up in the last couple wks, tho really i should be charging for the entertainment value ;)

1.Q: what do you call a bird thats a member of the church of England?

A: an AngliCanary!!

2.Q: what do you call an insect thats backwards?

A: an inverted invertebrate!!

lol :) i know, i know, i'm a true comic genius!! :)

the other photos are from Christmas in Colorado...

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