Thursday, January 22, 2004

whoever comes up with the best caption for this pic wins a special prize*

*no prizes will actually be awarded

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

thanks for the phone help everyone! tho now they wont let me pay the bill online so will have to be patient then hopefully i can pay it IN PERSON AT EASTER!! YAY!! :D hehehe (i'm excited abt possibly being in HK, not abt paying my bills, incase you didn't catch that)

guess who's coming to manchester in a few days!!!!! death cab for cutie!!! and for only 7 pounds!!! I'm SOOOO excited. I bought Andrew Transatlanticism for Christmas and I really like it myself, even more so as i had barely heard them before. So, even i'f i'm on my own, i'm gonna be rocking front row come Feb 9th. you're all welcome to come join...

anyway dan says i have to study now and i agree, so talk to you soon!

ps i have some hiauge exams this week and next and am sooooo stressed so pls pray if you are the type that does so. Thanks - rock on xx

Saturday, January 17, 2004

does anyone remember my HK mobile number??? I need it to pay a bill, but i forgot it :-S oops....

Saturday, January 10, 2004

merry christmas all, even if it is a bit late :) i've been a bit too busy wiping out on the slopes to update much :) till i get my own photos of Drew and I, here's some stolen from the site of the place i go snowboarding... pic no. 4 is of my FAVOURITE run on the whole mountain... lift number 5, baybee

been having the BEST christmas ever here, what with all the boarding with Andrew - and man seriously I should win Olympic medals for gymnastics with all the flips and cartwheels i do on my way down!!! i impress even myself! tho i have to soak in the hot tub for days after... yeah you really should feel sorry for me!! and speaking of hot tubs, when you all come visit me next christmas, (as you will of course) you HAVE to get out and roll around in the snow till you're all white then jump back in... oh man talk about pain!!!! but so much fun too, unless your big brother happens to tackle you when you're trying to get OUT of the snow so you end up freezing your butt off even more, if thats possible....

um... and have been shopping with my mom *yay* and with all of these new clothes (and *the* cutest hat ever!!!) I dont think anyone's gonna recognise me!!

and.. been studying my butt off trying to cram for these exams... seriously, if you guys want to know about the 12 cranial nerves and what part of your body they innervate, and what the holes they go through in the skull are called, then.... you should ask someone who might be able to tell you... (but dont ask cliff or janice cos they'll probably say you're pronouncing cranial wrong and try to use a character from Transformers to argue their point...)

AND with all this snow around, the only thing to do really, is hand-brake turns in the driveway so you skid the car sideways into its parking spot!!! I've had my theory lesson from my brother so am just waiting to actually do it myself.... will let you know how that goes

but the question of the day is, who is going to be in Hong Kong at Easter???? cos i'm trying to plan now when i'm coming back, and it looks like i'll PROBABLY be coming to colorado again this summer for various reasons i can bore you about later if you're that curious, but i gotta come party with you guys at least once this year, and if some of you will be there easter, then that seems like as good a time as any, so go ahead and tag to say yes, Katie, I'll be here all ready to play when you come! or no, Katie, i'm a loser and i'm not going/staying in HK this easter (i'm kind of enjoying this bold button now that i've figured out how to work it, if you haven't noticed!! :p)

and thats it! take care everyone!! xx

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