Friday, October 24, 2003

sincere apologies for the lack of updates... have been busy trying to manage my time between cooking nutritious, balanced, 5-course meals for myself and getting my 9 1/2 hours sleep

hehe that was a joke by the way... its still ALL ABOUT cereal sandwiches - plenty of crunch and definitely filling! ;)

but this is just a quickie to say i'm alive and well even tho i haven't been posting much... am going to York tomorrow to meet up with many UK SNA exiles for the weekend so hopefully will get some animated fotos to post up come monday...

one big highlight from my week that i wanted to write about was our anaesthetic practical on tuesday, where we had to...... *drum roll please*...... INJECT each other with local anaesthetics!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk scary!!! I was more nervous about poking holes in my friend's arm and accidently killing them than i was scared of.... the green mould growing in the kitchen (which is now gone thank God)... i'm not allowed to be injected cos the Uni's insurance policy doesn't cover getting sued by the likes of us USA passport-holders (seriously!) which i find quite amusing... BUT my whole point is that I got over my fears and did a fine job injecting my friend!!! yay!!! (volunteers just step right up if u want proofof my skills) :D :D :D I was on such a high (easily amused i know) that i wanted to share it with you all :) as random as it seems now that i'm actually typing it up! :) oh well...

gotta read some exciting anatomy before sleeping (if poss!) so checkya later!

p.s. we beat liverpool at bball yesterday! yay! 70-40, which is like 70 more points then we would have scored this time last year hehehe :) Long live the relegation system...

peace out - hope each of u have an AWESOME day xxx :)

Friday, October 17, 2003

so finally figured out how to get pics and vids galore up and running!! woohoo! thanks dan! (not Hulk - Deviant Housemate) but Hulk if u want me to thank you too then i guess thats fine! BTW am writing this VERY late at night...

to kika us off in a bomb-like style, u guessed it... Mika Bomb!! Please excuse the poor quality, my camera was only HK$700 after all - does no justice to the crazy wild fun-filled show they put on. without further ado... the video!!

other photos from that crazy weekend: just ogtta say dan is the man (this time it IS hulk) because he came all the way from cardiff early in the morning, went around london pretending to be a tourist with this crazy american, then had to rush off, even missing the bomb show boohoo :( to make the train home to get back to cardiff at 4am... ur awesome man rock on!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

"Green Tea Bottle waits in taxi stand"

STARRING the GREEN TEA BOTTLE, who you may remember from such pictures as

"green tea bottle on the phone"
and "katie and the great green tea bottle"

Monday, October 13, 2003

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

hello everyone! hows it going...

some quick highlights from my week:

Friday - saw the one and only preston reed... have any of you heard of him? He's amazing! He's a guitarist who does not only crazy tapping stuff, but uses like his forearm and palms etc to hit the guitar as he's playing, so it sounds like you've got a whole band with guitar bass and drums even tho its just him...

Tuesday (yesterday) - got a huge beanbag!!! realised today that 2 things that i've always wanted since i was a kid are -a beanbag and -a hoverboard like in back to the future... so hey i'm halfway there! i'm so excited about it too - I sure had a lot of stares lugging it home yesterday and i bet i was a sight literally pushing it through the doors of the bus on my way home!!! people even stopped their phone conversations to ask me what i was carrying around...

been having bball training like everyday since monday so am super tired and super smelly and yes, even my KNEES have been sweating, hopefully enough to keep my honorary Sweaty Betty title :)

so between all that, learning all about the skeletal (skuh-LEE-tull for those who dont know how to speak right) system, hiding Dan's shoes, Reach (180 equivalent) and eating my super-cheap meals (5 frozen chicken currys for only FOUR pounds from sainsburys! A microwave-user's heaven!) oh - and trying to guess who this 'someone' is! (Any ideas?), I've been pretty busy... but not too busy to go down to london to visit nic and carlos on friday for a couple days and even watch mika bomb rock it out sat! :D woohoo!!

I'll leave you with this... (thanks Kimbo)

Sunday, October 05, 2003

sorry gotta take links to other ppl's sites down on threat of embarrassing photos of yours truly being linked to on your tag boards... hopefully the perpetrator will soon realise he's fighting a losing battle and give up.

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