Tuesday, August 26, 2003

only time to puload or even upload a few photos from wkd.

crazy mayhem at victoria park with big-time old-school boy-time pile-ons... enjoy :)

Nic - haha lol Yeah I wasn't old enough in the late nineties to have the coordination to knit, so its just as well. Did the needles sell for a lot on Ebay? :p
Terrorist - aiyah!! Where are you taking this blog, now that we're hijacked???
Alison - knit and watch TV at the same time?! You must be some sort of super-knitter or something! There's no way i can even speak when i'm knitting cos it takes so much concentration! :)
Mark - yeah man we should go get rained on and take some more! :) where are yours??

Coming soon... the adventures of the green tea bottle :) Here's a sneak preview, featuring Ryan Coyle - if u see this Ryan, it was awesome to hang out with u this weekend and see how well ur doing - i love your enthusiasm when ur talking about china - its awesome man! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2003

After much deliberating, I've decided to finally come out of the closet. I've decided that, as Dawn said at 180 that one nite, I already have more approval and acceptance from God then I could ever hope to find from my peers, and so don't need to worry about what others think of me. So, some of you may be shocked with what I'm about to say, but I just can't hide it anymore....

I, Katie Stephens...

(scroll down)

... like to KNIT!!!! hehehe :) Did you think I was going to say something else???

I had the privilege of being taught by a master of the art, Anel Kirsten, along with her own sensay, Mrs. Kirsten, and Anna at the Kirsten residence two tuesdays ago and am now part-way through making my very own white bookmark!! I've always had such admiration whenever I saw people deftly moving those knitting needles in what has always seemed like a random blurry movement to me, but now I understand!! :D And trust me, it is becoming all the rage! According to Ms. Gardener, all the hardcore ravers are now staying home to knit! And I was on the bus yesterday when this Japanese-looking, redAll-Star-wearing girl next to me was knitting with funky pink plastic needles! Seriously - knitting is now officially cool! Remember - you heard it here first :)

Last nite we raided Grace Chung's place for some of the best Korean BBQ I've had in ages!! Thanks again grace the food was beautiful!! Had loads of fun playing the usual games - almost peed my pants at one point when trying to draw 'thick' in pictionary - "Thin?!?? Not thin??!? Wide???! Fat?!?? Wider??! no? what is it???" hehe guess you had to be there...

But prob the most fun part was walking THE WHOLE LENGTH OF BOWEN ROAD (abt 3km) in the rain going home... needless to say we were feeling kind of damp after and so of course had to pull our cameras out again :)


Markus - it so wasn't a frog!!! :p and there's no way i'm gonna let u live that down, buddy :)
Cliff and Janice - you guys are SO wrong. ask anyone who knows anything about anything and you'll see i'm write (doh!)
Beelzebub - I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! sorry man, game's over. :) nice try tho
Blog terrorist - game's over sweetie, ur not really all that terrifying now that I know who u r 2! :)
Gecko: ewwwwww! hehe thats just wrong...
Jen: heya sweetie! thx 4 ur tags - cant wait to see you too!! hopefully sunday?!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

LOL (c: oh u guys crack me up to no end!! (c: What I would do without blog terrorists and invading geckos and random *Boing boing splat*-ing I just dont know! :D

Blog Terrorist - come on man if u dont leave any clues we wont have that whole cat-and-mouse game of trying to find out who you are and you KNOW you'll enjoy it! :)

Mommy Gecko - Rumor has it little baby boy gecko has gone off to launch his own personalised line of
  • bass guitars
  • ??! Don't know what that's about!!?!

    Kim - haha lol 25 dozen bananas???!? oh man I shudder to think what that would do to your digestive system! You'd be more regular than the gas at Caltex! haha no wait you'd just keep going and going like the energizer bunny! (or is it duracell, josh??) hehehe sorry pls dont read if u have a weak tummy... I just pray that your cup/can would not runneth over with blessing!! :D ... gotta love those corny jokes!!

    Renee - i know, girl! Will i see you at church on sunday?

    Alison - skip this if ur not up for a long-winded story... I was sitting on Repulse Bay beach this summer just looking at the horizon thinking what a strange thing it was "the line where the sky meets the ocean" tho u can see it, it doesn't actually exist! (Except in The Chronicles of Narnia, where they sail to the point where the sky does meet the water and open up that hidden door... or in truman show... but i'm getting side-tracked!) anyway just thought that horizon might be a cool band name, and it sounds kind of like "her eyes on" ... of course the slightly-cheesy tho heart-felt explanation is that I want my eyes to forever be on Him ( =Hymn) as u know, thus "Horizon Hymn" = her eyes on him... i dunno... just thought it was kind of cool and i'm not in a band right now so figured might as well use it as a blogspot name!

    Mark - hehe no i was actually out having fish tikkah with anna and anel that night, unlike OTHERS i know, I don't let scary reptiles keep me at home!! :p Though I'm not mentioning any names, Mark!!

    Nate - oh yeah man.... and here's a photo to prove it!! :) Plus one of Ephe (who, by the way, you cant help but note is so FULL of colour) just cos it HAS to be available to the world online...

    that's it for this week! stay tuned for another update next week and keep those tags coming! bless you all!! :)

    Thursday, August 07, 2003

    hahaha I am HIGHLY amused reading all of your tags, guys!

    Just like to say that I am not to blame for the lack of updates - I've hired Kim to follow me around everywhere I go and keep a detailed account of my daily happenings then blog about them, but so far he's done a TERRIBLE job and I'm thinking of firing him...

    So I started 3 new teaching jobs this week and will start another new one on sat in addition to some tutoring that I'm already doing... this means whatever free time i have is automatically filled up with falling asleep, whether I plan to or not! Hence the lack of updates... Hopefully September will not be this busy tho cos I wanna hang out with all y'all some more :) If you think of it, I would really appreciate your prayers (if you are the praying type) for strength and energy and JOY because all this teaching is DEFINITELY very challenging. Xie xie :)

    in response to ur tags:

    Renee: can't wait to have you back soon girl :)
    J: Yes it is ur johann from canada... I know him because I am *secretly canadian* ... just kidding - he's from Manchester :-)
    dpma: Thx 4 the tag-love! What email?
    frames: Yes it sounded familiar but only cos you kept repeating it! ;-)

    Also a big Happy Birthday to Nate who turned *drum roll please* twenty-two on Monday!! I had an awesome time at his birthday bash at Repulse Bay, just hanging out, listening to a "professional musician" (whatever that is?!) who borrowed our guitar for a min, drinking oh-so-flavorful Tsing Dao beer and getting beaten up by Josh. Wish I had some pictures to show you but I think I'll just steal one from Mark's page... umm hehe its not really of the party either, but hey ... its all i got!!! (By the way, tho u cant see them all, I think we fit THIRTEEN people in that phone booth!)

    Friday, August 01, 2003

    Ni men hao,

    sorry for the lack of updates - I've been super-busy lately with extra work and I can only get online during office hours, which I haven't really been able to do much!! Thinking about hiring someone to blog for me.... :)

    Magic mountain - here's your pic!! So good to see you again girl! lets play ball next week! Tues nite maybe??

    I went to go watch Joel play at the fringe last sat with joe jason kris (who has now left us! boo hoo!) suhail mads ed jun and it was AMAZING!!! The accoustics in the room were perfect and I just loved it! they played all this big band stuff and had a chick singer at a couple of points - highly recommend it. And I was so impressed that Joel had so many solos, esp as he was the youngest trumpet player there! Way to go Joel!

    hehe... man I just want to warn you readers that if you ever get the urge to head up to a "haunted" house on the Peak on a Tuesday night, make sure you don't bring a bunch of silly silly boys with you! The cops might end up coming after you! haha lol oh my goodness.... and just for the record I was NOT scared thank you very much, tho ed was screaming an awful lot for a boy! ;)

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