Thursday, May 19, 2005

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sorry for the slack replies... better late than never!

J - thanks! lol happy new year to you too!! tho new year a la 2006 is almost closer now! :-S what are you up to anyway?
KK - and same to you bro! long time no see! hope the exams are goin well...
eddie - soz i'm a complete slacker with the updates... i miss you too tho bro! we ARE going to go for that lunch in tst at some point right? (at that restaurant from ur photos?) i hear you're a super hard-working kid now, so you can save up and treat me! ;-)
liz- thanks! sorry i haven't called yet, or replied to your email! terrible i know... but yeah a land line would be better thanks! pretty expensive to call mobiles...
deborah- you're right, i did! thanks! didn't realise you read this, how are you anyway? taking some big exams?
alison - sup girl! thanks, always appreciated! hows canadia?
Xtian - you bet i am! soz haven't friendstered you back yet, ru still thinkin of coming over? when????
jen - that'd be awesome! its terrible, i don't even know if i know where you are now!!!
Flic - hey girl! hows edinburgh? its def somewhere on my list of places to visit! if i do ever come i'll have to look you up for coffee or something!
Ann - lol! thanks! happy easter too! ;-) lets msn convo soon!
Jeff - heya! thanks for the last email, so sorry i'm terrible with replyin, but incase ur reading this, just know i WILL reply soon! sorry!! :-S
Bonnie - Yay! can't wait to have you over here girl! too bad you'll miss anna :( tho i guess you can catch her in hk before you come...
dpma - hey thanks for reading bro :) i read yours too! LOVED the jackson 5 video! you are too cool! :)
grace - wow, DC! whats it like? man i wont be back in hk for a while i think, but going to colorado in july??? tho i do often fly thru dulles!!! if i do this time, wanna hang at the airport???
bagzz- thanks hon! miss you too! come visit me! :D hows work?

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


hey guys! sorry for the silence, but seeing as it seems people do actually visit this site, figure at least a brief low down is in order...

finished exams last week, hopefully went ok

started a 4 week trauma attatchment monday, absolutely AMAZING, involved in life or death situations (usually observing and just helping out with little things), with helicopter ambulances, policemen everywhere, stuff from ER basically (except of course this is reality and a central line takes more than 7seconds to put in place! and also we don't have nearly enough door slamming when our patients get wheeled through the halways to A&E or enough shouting... or gun shot wounds...) but also incredibly tired, got home tonight at 8.30pm, last night at 9.30pm after working a 13hour day... not much time to do much else! also am on call 24/7 with my pager always on for the next 4 weeks.

went to york over the weekend, AWESOME to see the crew, lloyd and gabbie, little anya who's not so little anymore and gonna turn into a right heart-breaker i can tell, good to catch up with sharon and brendan and andrew and even andrew's parents! and can i say i am SO good at baking bread now! (or actually, don't think andrew will ever let me try to bake bread again...)

me and my buddy andy (in the beanie and red jacket in the last photo i posted up before this) are the events reps for the med school here (and trying to do stuff for the nurses too just to be nice) so we through a huge superhero party last thursday after we all finished exams, and decided to call it SPANDEX. gr8 success, club manager/dai lo guy asked me after if we could throw a party at his club every month! so put up a few photos of that. others can be found here, please excuse the 'fat bitches' page! (btw myself and housemate susan and another friend who had to leave before we could take pics were charlie's angels, hence the guns, tight tops, hair bands etc.... if you're thinking "katie the angels didn't wear hair bands" then i apologise - none of us had seen the latest film and just kinda improvised, really!)

and last but certainly not least, as many of you have heard i am now an auntie!!! my niece, anna-elyse was born almost 2 weeks ago now, fine and healthy as is the mom and yes incredibly excited to see her this summer! we've already chatted on the phone a couple times, well... more like i talked to her and she sneezed at me - i can tell we're definitely bonding already.

so maybe not so brief a low down after all! and btw, if you're a sneaky one who reads my site but doesn't tag, then say hello and tag me! i wanna know who's out there! and thanks to all those who do, you guys rock my world :)

Saturday, October 30, 2004

heya thanks for the tag-love guys, you know its always welcome :) Figure i should reply to a couple!
pink panties - you know you want to, or at least, it might make my day a bit more exciting if you leave a little clue! :) (gosh how sad am i!)
jen jen - miss u sweetie! wow so much travelling tho! have you earned enough miles for a free ticket to come visit? I tried to tag your board but it wouldn't let me? :( Hope you love uni! Keep me posted!
alison - heya! wanna come help me pack again? (not that i'm moving, but just for old times sake!) Colo IS beautiful girl, seriously so much more than photos can ever show! I miss the sunshine... is it snowing yet in canadIa?
renee - lol! the doctors here say "if you don't put ur finger in it, you'll put your foot in it" (as in miss diagnosing the big C) I guess i can see what they mean! How you been anyway? I miss that amazing chair in your living room!! :(
baggy - thanks girl!! I totally am! :) how's you?
ephraim - hey stranger, i thought he might be! But how do you know? he made some joke on stage about if Erik just did what he said they could be happy and have lots of kids (not that that necessarily means anything but just seemed kinda random), then after the show we thought we caught some guy giving him his number "call me sometime ok?" Still, i'm sure i can flirt to convert him! ;-) u still breaking hearts?
linnet + ann - I'll email you! :)

A night out on Wednesday with the medic massive (and some random guy in the back who obviously wanted to be in with the in crowd! no idea who he is!).... till next time...

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Engerland, engerland, engerland!! 

heya, i've been up to some pretty crazy stuff so thot i'd share it with you :)

saturday: went to see England vs Wales (league 6 World Cup Qualifying Match) at Old Trafford with Tobes and to say it was AMAZING wouldn't come close. 67,000 raving fans, meat pies, hilarious cheers ("are you really Scotland in disguise?", "You're just a small town in England" etc. and some better left unsaid)... I felt properly Engerlandish for the day and sang as loud as the next guy. a funny conversation overheard on the tram on the way there went something like:

(singin) "There were 5 german bombers in the air... but the RAF from england shot them down... There were 8 German bombers in the air..."

"But there were 5 last time!"

"But the RAF from england shot them down... there were 4 German bombers in the air..."

"The RAF really aren't doing too well are they?"

"There were 6 German bombers in the air..."

"dis isn't a funny song u svine!"

i guess you kinda had to be there...

3house parties saturday night up in manchester, then out again last night for Kings of Convenience gig down in coventry, again AMAZING. There's just something special about listening to certain songs over and over then being able to see the artists perform them live... its hard to describe. needless to say i sat (yeah it was seated - weird hey!) like a little girl on the edge of my seat completely enthralled. Talked to Erik after the gig and he's just THE most down-to-earth guy, took a real interest in us crazy fans after the show, asking us questions and just being so genuine, it was awesome. Unlike Erlend, unfortunately, who seemed to blow people off!! (unless he just didn't hear those girls?) Had loads of people dancing on stage for the last song, and the banter during the gig between the two was hilarious!

and yes I am still at medical school! just started on the wards properly this week, so now following consultants around instead of nurses. Happy to say i did my very first rectal examination today!!! dude!! didn't even practise on a model first for this one! just put the gloves on, got some lube and well... we wont go there (cos i already did hehehe) Think I did an OK job too so i'm well excited. Needless to say, I've never washed my hands as thoroughly as I did this morning :)

Monday, September 27, 2004

what's up in katie world... 

hey guys, thot i'd upload a few pics from the summer, (i was in colorado with the fam incase you didn't catch that earlier)... the first half is from a trip Toby and I took to Colorado National Monument, abt an hour's drive from the house, and the second is from a trek up a huge mountain also an hour from the house! tobes, johann and i (both Uni friends from manch who were in the states and came by to visit for a while) went on a road trip at the end of the summer to the grand canyon, las vegas etc., hopefully get some pics of that up in the next couple months! hehe was amazing, ask me about it sometime...

got back to england 2 weeks ago, am in the hospital now, not in manchester anymore, abt 45min away by train... am SOOO happy to be here tho, house is gr8, housemates are even better, kids in my year are uber cool, staff and doctors, nurses etc at the hospital are wikid aight! spent friday trailing a consultant around (just me and him!) asking 101 questions all of which (and more!) he was happy to answer. prob scrub up for operating theatre this week... dont worry, only watching (unless of course they ask me to intubate like friends have been asked!), been practising taking blood and inserting cannulas on models and various pieces of fruit, prob do rectal exams and other exciting stuff this week. seriously even tho i'm tired as i type this and maybe therefore dont sound it, i'm so incredibly excited to start the hands-on, RELEVANT aspect of medicine. SO excited :) been out the last 4 nights on the trot for pyjama pub crawls, house parties etc so am recovering tonight but yeah, been having a well cool time here :)

hope you're all well, soz the updates are so spoaradic, i honestly just cant be arsed half the time, tho of course i wanna keep in touch with you all! soz, terrible i know, but at least i'm honest :)

and remember, L is for love...

Sunday, September 26, 2004

me and toby! Posted by Hello

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yes, we did have to set the camera on a rock to take this pic... Posted by Hello

me and tobes again Posted by Hello

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i hope this rock doesn't roll!! (man how funny am i...) Posted by Hello

The Black Canyon (practically in my parent's back yard... almost!) Posted by Hello

we rose when the sun did so we wouldn't get stuck in afternoon thunderstorms on our hike... Posted by Hello

the hills are alive.... Posted by Hello

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i felt like a hobbit in the Shire! Posted by Hello

i love how the rocks were so drastically different from those on the nearby mountains Posted by Hello

(thats me) it was a bit of a climb.... Posted by Hello

how gorgeous is this?! Posted by Hello

da boyz Posted by Hello

at the top of Mt. Sneffles (14,000+ feet) Posted by Hello

The Family! Posted by Hello

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